About us



Functional and sustainable style


Welcome to ooomay, where providing stunning bags is our expertise. We are a small yet motivated company specializing in sustainable fashion, with the passionate belief that your style can be elegant AND kind! 

We feel that quality should be a right, not a luxury. All of our bags are carefully tested to insure such. Beautifully & ethically made, we strive to give our customers peace of mind knowing that they not only look good but are doing good too.


Designed with you in mind


In addition to providing quality bags at the highest standards, our team is constantly looking for ways to improve. We make it a point to listen to our customer opinion and take any & all feedback into account. We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends and innovations as we push to the forefront of sustainable bags in both standards and style. 


Putting our supporters first


We govern ourselves by the simple truth that our customers and their interests are our top priority. Through our products, we work hard to meet their needs and beyond. We’ve had the privilege of serving 30,000 satisfied customers worldwide, and are proud to be a leader in the cruelty-free bag space. We cannot wait to see where the future takes us as we grow and expand further! We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you!


- The ooomay team :)